A 8 week program to resolve your family law matter before you retain a lawyer.


  • How awesome would it be if you knew where you stood legally and what you are
    entitled to in your property settlement and parenting arrangements?
  • And you knew how to achieve a positive outcome with your ex-partner?
  • Plus you could finalise your family law matter so you can move on?
  • All for one low fee, less than one hour of attending upon a lawyer.
  • Transform your life from where you are now and get the results you deserve!


If you missed my recent webinar, I shared that I will be working with people going through separation and divorce for 8 weeks starting on 15th May 2019 to coach them through the separation process, legal issues, how to resolve conflict and finalise their family law matter. The programme is called RESOLVE - learn the tools so you can thrive through your family law matter and move on faster.


What is Resolve?


It’s an online 8 week programme for people going through separation and divorce who are ready to resolve their outstanding family law matter and move on. During this program I will teach you the 7 step framework to help you to resolve your family law matter before you need to take the step of retaining a lawyer.


Potentially saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees!


You will learn how what do to when you separate, what the law is in Australia regarding property division and parenting, how to negotiate with your ex, how to finalise your property settlement, what all the legal terms are and much more. As a family lawyer and someone that has been through two divorces, I know how difficult it is for you and that is why I have developed this easy to understand programme.


How does it work?


Every week for eight weeks, new modules released where you will receive access to videos, worksheets, checklists and information sheets. Every module is packed the information that is designed to answer all of your questions about separation and divorce, without the overwhelm or lawyer talk.

What is the course outline?

Week 1: Navigating Separation

Week 2: Legal Fundamentals Unscrambled

Week 3: Property Division

Week 4: Parenting Arrangements

Week 5: Negotiating with Your Ex

Week 6: Options on How to Finalise Your Agreements

Week 7: Processes Available To You

Week 8: Do I Need A Lawyer?



What do you get?


  • 43 Videos: New videos are released each week as you walk through each module giving you step by step guides regarding the legal process. They are designed to be short and not overwhelm you.
  • 7 Action-packed workbooks: Every module comes with a workbook with action
    steps, worksheets, and templates.
  • 24 Information sheets: New information sheets are released as each module opens. These information sheets provide you with detailed information about each module.
  • 18 Checklists: The checklists help you to stay on track when you moving through the steps in your separation and divorce. 
  • Private Facebook community: Once you’re in you’ll be added to our private FB
    community where you will have access to me plus your fellow Reset members.
  • Webinars: Caralee will be on a live webinar each month for the 8 weeks where you can hear more about family law and ask any burning questions. 


When do we start?


This offer closed on the 14th of May. Students are now underway inside the program learning how to resolve their matter faster. The next program will open again later in 2019.


What does it cost?


The price for Resolve is: Two monthly payments: $248 or if you pay upfront you get a discount and it is only $449

That is it! Less than the cost of 1 hour with a family law solicitor!


Next steps


Enrollment is now closed.  The spots available are limited and the doors are ONLY open for 1 week. Next enrollment coming soon.



Hey there, I'm Caralee Fontenele.

Thanks for visiting - I’d love for you to join me for this online program that will assist you to manage and finalise your family law matter before you need to retain a lawyer. Let me introduce myself as there’s a good chance we have some things in common. 


I am a divorce lawyer, but I didn’t become a lawyer until I was in my thirties. I was a mum of two boys and no career when I went through my first divorce (yes I have been there twice!) I was so confused, I didn’t know who to turn to and was I was terrified as to how much going to a lawyer would cost me. I was dis-empowered and scared about what my future looked like, it was a terrible place to be with two small children to take care of.


After I moved on I was driven to go to university even though I was a high school dropout, to become a divorce lawyer, with a passion to help people just like me through the rocky road of divorce. I re-married only to find myself go through divorce again a second time, all before I was 40. But this time it was different, I was empowered and by then had helped hundreds of people through their divorces in my own law practice.


Through my work as a lawyer, I am all too aware of the costs of going through a separation or divorce and that not everyone wants to or needs to retains a lawyer.

In fact 71% of Australian’s do not retain a lawyer but they are often left wondering what to do next.

And that is why I have created this  online program, Resolve.  I’m super excited to share with you how you can resolve your family law matter and move on with your life faster!


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